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"The role of Fran requires an actor to transform from within, expressing that transformation in terms of character, voice, and dance. Any wonder why the search for Fran went so far and wide. Phoebe weathered so many tests and hurdles, as Fran the character has to in the story of Strictly Ballroom, to reveal the true star that she is. So I am thrilled to be announcing her in this role, celebrating how resilient and strong she was through the grueling process of proving she had all that it takes, which she certainly does.”

Baz Luhrmann on casting Phoebe

"Phoebe Panaretos is nothing short of sensational as Diego's paramour Inez, giving one of those rare, perfect supporting turns in which every scene and musical number she features in is elevated by her electric presence. In her mouth, the same lines of dialogue pulse with a renewed intensity and in her hands the song "Bamboléo" becomes an inextinguishable firework that really ought to be the thrilling, blood-pumping conclusion to act one."

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