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"Phoebe Panaretos is nothing short of sensational as Diego's paramour Inez, giving one of those rare, perfect supporting turns in which every scene and musical number she features in is elevated by her electric presence. In her mouth, the same lines of dialogue pulse with a renewed intensity and in her hands the song "Bamboléo" becomes an inextinguishable firework that really ought to be the thrilling, blood-pumping conclusion to act one."

What's on Stage - Mickey Jo Boucher


"In the leads, Phoebe Panaretos as Fran is a real star in the making. Hers is a performance of great charm, and with the aid of a Spanish grandmother and father she makes us care about her journey from strictly goofball to strictly ballroom. It’s an attractive voice as well, firm and clean."

Limelight Magazine

"Relative newcomer Phoebe Panaretos is a stand out as the shy Fran (just Fran), who gains in confidence as the play progresses, from the awkward pimply beginner to the commanding lead lady, culminating in a wrenching duet.

Australian Stage 


"Phoebe Panaretos shines as Connie Francis."

The Daily Review


"Phoebe Panaretos, proving herself one of Australia’s most diverse music theatre performers with a rich, chameleonic voice."

The Guardian


"As Newton’s more-than-a-little-smitten assistant, Elly, Phoebe Panaretos is a revelation. Her acting, from early fluster to unhinged Mary-Lou is superb, while her vocals are astonishing. Always Crashing in the Same Car and Changes are especially remarkable. If you’re not holding your breath from how good she is in some moments, then you’re trying to catch it in others."

Australian Arts Review 

"But the moment Phoebe Panaretos, as Elly, begins to sing, the hairs go up on the back of one’s neck.  She is also an actor of such presence, such depth of emotion that she gives us a raw and recognisable human predicament; her Elly comes close to taking over the story."

Stage Whispers

"Phoebe Panaretos as Elly is a powerhouse. With a voice that echoes the likes of Lady Gaga, Panaretos’ presence is entirely captivating, displaying a huge range in her vocal performance. Like all Lazarus characters, Elly may or may not be a figment of Newton’s imagination, so is helplessly victim to his desire for the return of his lost love. Panaretos takes full control of this complex character arc and continues to dive head first into less conventional musical theatre roles and succeeds time and time again." 

Theatre people

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